Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's Up!

So I know that there are no pictures to accompany this little UPDATE. Sorry it goes against the grain really.

School for me ended on the 4th of December! Yea! till Jan. 11th. I talked to my preceptor for my clinicals this next semester. I am nervous but she seems nice her name is Julie and she has credentials about a mile long! She is from Australia, and I believe will be my primary preceptor the whole year. I start clinicals also on the 11th with an orientation at PCMC.

Corey is just finishing midterms. His school is set up with 10 week terms. He is a little stressed. The 4 wheel drive when out on the 4 wheeler. He got a flat tire and his laptop stopped working. EXCELLENT! Still we are very blessed it seems like I am always seeing people who are so much worse off than we are, I don't know if it is just the social situations that I see at work or what but I really feel blessed right now.

OH.... Daycare we got daycare Yeah! Little Social Max will get to socialize yeah! We start in Jan and when he turns 2 he will be started in their preschool program. Wow... I thought preschool was for 4 year olds. He craves learning though one night I heard him talking in his room after I had put him to bed I finally went in and found him with one of his books "reading" using the light of his music aquarium. I think that is a good sign.

Christmas is coming Corey and I went shopping today. I know it's practically suicide the last weekend before Christmas. We enjoyed ourselves for a whie and then decided that we should just get Christmas for eachother after Christmas when no one is shopping and everything is on sale. So we will just enjoy Max's Christmas along with a couple of gifts.... Then we will probably forget about shopping and save money in the end.

Ok I know that this isn't really interesting but I felt that I really needed to write something and that is it!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


So this year I had to work on Halloween as always so our Halloweens were separate but good. Corey and I dressed up for the first time in a LONG time. Corey went to Heber to do Trunk or Treat with his family and I well you already know what I did. Anyway. Corey said Max didn't quite get it at first but he was having fun just being out and about. We used his monkey costume from last year thinking that maybe we could just put brown sweat pants underneath them to lengthen the legs. Well you can see how well that worked but he didn't care he had fun anyway.

I was a piece of Gum on the bottom of a shoe.... I had a friend in High School Lara who dressed like that one year and I always wanted to try that someday.

Corey was the Grim reaper. I tried to talk him into being a banana to go with Max but yeah I guess it wasn't manly enough or something.

Here are the Pics!

Gracie & Max

So forever ago! Ok maybe it was a month or two ago Roger and Gracie came to visit. Jonna had to stay in Idaho and work which was sad but we all went out to breakfast. It was so funny to see Grace and Max interact. Grace is almost just as tall as Max and she is 2 months younger. She was a little shy at first but warmed up. She is cute I can see a lot of Jonna in her. Well for those of you who know Jonna I kept promising that I would post pictures of her so finally here they are.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Max's First Haircut (for real!)

The Before Shot Sucker in hand ready to go or so we thought!
We even had Toy Story 2 going.

Corey said "Now I know why you wanted me to come! So I could hold him!"

Hiding as soon as he got out of the chair he didn't want to have anything to do with Weston

Now we are OK! He looks so different, so grown-up!

So we had planned to get Max's haircut by Jaime our friend just before family pictures BUT it has been driving me crazy so we decided to do it yesterday... It was a really long day.... Erika and Mel suggested "Cookie Cutters" So we decided to try it out. I figured that they would be use to moving and possibly screaming children so I thought it would work out great and it did. Though Max didn't think so. So they have this little toy set in the front of the store to play with while you wait and then they have all of these different vehicles and planes (with belts!) That the kids sit in. They even have video games and movies to choose from. OH and bubbles. Weston cut Max's hair I don't know that Max wants to go back but I kept staring at him when we left and for the rest of the day because it was just weird to see how grown-up he looked.

The Toy You Really Wish That You Hadn't Bought!

So I went to the toy store a month or two ago and thought it would be really cute to get this Lawn Mower toy. Kind of like those popping ball toys that we use to have where the balls popped as you pulled it around. This one was much COOLER though. It had noises in addition to the popping! It had a gas switch that "gulped" as you turned it and a starter cord that made engine noises I thought it was a great toy.... Until I got it home..... This Toy is the loudest toy you will ever hear. You can't study you can't watch tv you can't talk on the phone or even hold a normal conversation. It overpowers EVERYTHING and EVERYONE..... So after a couple of months of hoping Max would forget about it Corey found a New Home for it!
Can You See Where it is?????

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The ZOO!

For Comcast's Work Party We Rented the Zoo in the Evening. It was Max's first time and was so much fun. I never really liked the zoo until I had a kid, it was fun watching him get all excited about the animals.

Half the time Max was trying to JOIN the Animals!

The only way to keep track of him!

This is the water fountain! His butt was Wet! Go figure.

So Happy! One big happy family! Anytime we tried to get a family picture Max would throw a royal fit!

This is the Giraffe that could have very easily Eaten Max's Shoe that he kicked off into the pen. The Zoo keeper had to come get it back.

Max's 1st Carousel Ride. A Silver Back Gorrilla.

All by himself and not so sure about it.

The Peacocks roam free throughout the Zoo and Max wanted to catch one soooo badly! Anytime he saw one he would try and get it.

Right where they Belong!

Aunt Ashley and Dayne went with us which was great.

The only time Max has actually Enjoyed his ride home!
He was beat tired. It was great they actually have fixed a lot of the zoo up, there is a lot more shade and there are fans and misters. Plus we went at 5pm which made it a whole lot cooler.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What Max is up to....

Climbing on the 4-Wheeler for Rides ALL the time

Longboarding with Aunt Ashley!

Helping Mom with the Laundry!
So as many of you may know we have moved yet again. This time it is a really good thing, I don't fall asleep on the way home from work, we are close to everything again and I am really close to Erika and Mel which makes school a whole lot easier. We like our ward so far, I didn't realize how grown-up our other ward was until we got here. I use to be paranoid about Max making noise and now everyone is making noise! Max also started nursery this last Sunday. He did great and is in nursery number 7! Only in Utah! He still runs to the 4-wheeler climbs on and pretends he is riding it and makes car noises. He likes to UNload the dryer to help me with the laundry and then climb in. He also has a facination with anything with wheels including Ash's Longboard!
There Thats my post for today I just transfered pics to my new computer so I will try to post more frequently!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wow It Has Been A While!

So I figure I should at least write a quick update. No pics yet Sorry!

Max- IS TROUBLE! He climbs out of his bed and can open the door no more sleeping in till 8. Normally he is up at 730AM and talks in his bed and I go in at 8 giving me a little time to prepare. No more. We are now also looking at getting him a real bed. He loves cars so I think it will be cars. I just have to find cute bedding of course. Max had his 3rd and 4th trip in a plane to Seattle this time and got to ride on the Ferry too. He did really well. He fell asleep on the way to Seattle and then on the way home he talked and was happy all of the time. The only bad thing was that the girl in front of him couldn't lay back her seat because then Max could kick it.... and he did.

Corey- Is thinking of starting a project car or truck. He has been looking around. He wants to as an outlet for stress of which he has plenty at work! I hate Comcast. My mom looked up a bunch of information for him on the Police Academy and POST test which has been very helpful. I went to UVSC and got him a couple of review guides and he got all of the answers right on the first review guide. He has wanted to do something in Law Enforcement for a long time. I think he should take advantage of it. They aren't really hiring right now so he has time to look into it and prepare himself.

Katie- 3 weeks is not long enough for a break from school! OH but it is long enough to get out of the Groove. I am having a hard time starting to write papers again. School started on the 17th. I am excited and actually really enjoying my textbook readings because they are actually applicable to the NICU. We have started our Core Classes now Yea! No more Adult stuff! I guess that is a good sign that I am in the right area when I actually like reading my textbooks.

The Fam--- We just got back from a family reunion in Seattle. My dad is from Seattle and we haven't seen them in a really long time. I think I was particularly excited because I remember everyone. I was old enough when we last went to visit. The weather was perfect! It rained really one part of one day and the rest of the time it was just partly cloudy and in the 60's and 70's it was wonderful. I love Seattle. I will post pics when I have them.

Ok so that is the Quick update I will try to get some Pictures soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


These are Max's Q's! Can you tell what he is trying to say? He reminds me of Linus from Snoopy. He will pull his blanket from between the bars of his crib, grab a binkie and come to me. Then he will plop himself on the ground with his blanket. When I get him a bottle he will walk with me and his blankie to his room and go for the rocking chair. Love It he is So Cute.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So Much Fun!?! Really?

This is the Ambulance Yea. Never before have I had sooo many MEN at my beck and call!

Nick & Hagen and I would the one in the truck Before the Ambulance got to me.

Look I am watching. He does the same stitch we do with umbilical lines. Dr. Young was awesome!

Does this wheeler look damaged? Nope the handlebars had to be readjusted but that was it. Apparently I am no match for a 700+ lb 4-wheeler.

This is the new tent trailer... MUCH MORE TAME!

So I am back! I am now momentarily caught up with my homework so I figured I would post my pics (non-gruesome) of course! So this all happened a week and a half ago but we went out wheeling with Corey's friends Nick and Hagen (his little boy), we met at 5 mile pass just past Lehi on Saturday morning. This was the first time Corey and I had really been out in a long time so we were looking forward to it. Corey has a 400 EX and I have a 750 Brute Force. Nick and Hagen brought their dirt bikes. While we were there we saw some of our other friends Eric and Amber and their two girls. I don't think we were there for more than an hour when I went down a hill following the guys and the wheeler slid to the side and hit into a rock and I went a flyin! My leg must have caught the handlebar and then the the wheeler rolled over on me. SLOW MOTION... Why do things like that always happen in slow motion? Corey pulled the wheeler off me and Nick got his truck and they carried me out of the reviene. I think I kicked into nurse mode or something I didn't really cry except when I thought about school and Max and Corey and all of the Crap I have to do in the next month! They took me to the ER in AF. I got to go get xrays and go to ultrasound to make sure I didn't need to go to surgery, then they put me out to clean my wound (THANK YOU!). I kept thinking my friend Janalyn would have really loved to be the therapist on to watch this. I guess my Therapist passed out! When I woke up the doctor was stitching me up and I wanted to watch so they sat me up and I watched. He was a great doctor I learned a lot about him and his kids and all that kind of stuff. ANYWAY. Now I am repairing. I had a drain and now I just have stitches, bruises, scabs and swelling. I am no longer attached to my crutches (thankgoodness!) I never had chaffed armpits until this last week. My incision is numb I think I did some nerve damage go figure. BUT I wasn't a WUSS! That is the important thing... right? :). So here are some pics. Oh so we sold the 400EX and the 750 is up for sale and we bought a Tent trailer! You can't get hurt in a tent trailer right? Ok here are my pics. If you want gruesome I will send you some later....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

One of My Favorite Things to Do and UPDATES!

So I haven't posted in a while. School has had me going crazy! I had a little break this last week and Corey and I decided to go out 4- Wheeling. I hadn't been since before I was pregnant, long time I know. Well I managed to get hurt of course and have been laid up for a while soooo. I have time. I was looking for pictures to post of the accident and saw this one. I haven't really been able to put Max down to bed for a while and miss it so much. You just don't appreciate things until you can't do them anymore. I love rocking Max and putting him to sleep. He drinks his bottle. He pokes at my nose again and again.... I laugh and say NOSE NOSE NOSE NOSE .... He laughs. We say our prayers and I just rock him. I love it. I am on the mend I am happy to say. I will share "non-gruesome" pictures later of the event. I just wanted to post this today.

School is good. I missed one test that I can make up at the end of the semester. My "salad" is growing. I have cucumbers lettuce and tomatoes! They have survived my Brown Thumb!

Max is great he likes to swim, drink from a big waterbottle. He loves to carry around the bottle of Vicks Vapo and open bottles of lotion and Desitin with his teeth! He got away last night. I guess the front door wasn't all the way closed and he decided to bail and walked over to the neighbors and out into the street and then came back into the garage and tried to sit in his stroller. Corey was talking to Wendy (our niece) and showing her around and I was in my room. The neighbor knocked on the door and said Max was outside and sure enough there he was. Scary huh.... The neighbor said, "It just didn't look quite right for him to be running around!" We agreed. HOTDOGS... Yes hotdogs are a staple in Max's diet currently and tater tots. So healthy huh you feed them what they will eat I guess. He does love his veggies though especially peas and beans.

Corey is hard at work. He took off some time to take care of me. I hate being taken care of! I don't know if it is a nurse thing, a mother thing or a girl thing. ANYWAY. He has completed his Truck! It is just the way he wants it. It looks Great! He is getting ready to sell some stuff. "Wheel and Deal" He gets that from his dad. He got two new guns a leaf blower and a snowmobile trailer. He sold the inclosed trailer, he is selling the old refrigerator, some tires and rims, the snowmobile trailer and leaf blower and of course the 4-wheelers. I know he isn't thrilled about selling those but if you compare the amount of time that we have had to use them with the amount of time we have spent being injured from them.... It is a no brainer. Maybe someday we will get a nice sidebyside with roll cage and 5 point harnesses? I hope. We are however the proud owners of a tent trailer (thank goodness for large garages). Corey had a bad fathers day and the surprize gift was ruined by my jabbering in my dellirium in the hospital.

Cooper is enjoying the added attention that family has brought in caring for me and Max while Corey is at work. Cooper barks barks and then barks some more. The battery for the Zap collar is dead so he has gotten away with a lot of barking lately. Today Corey is picking up a new battery. Poor Cooper.

Ok so there is my story. I will post more about my mishap when I get pictures and stuff on here. Hope everything is well with everyone and THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything! We love you all.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Max On A Better Day.

So today Max hurled! Officially he has the FLU. He has never had the flu before (lucky me) BUT today was the day and I worked last night yea! I never realized how gross it really is and how helpless I would feel. The only plus side is that he is more cuddly. I didn't know what to do though, I mean I am a nurse but our kiddos don't do this. So I called my mom and the Peds office thank goodness for experienced people then loaded him up and went to Walgreen's I got Pedialyte and such and went to check out and Max acted perfectly normal, he was trying so hard to have energy. I told the lady he was sick and asked if they had a disinfectant wipe for the cart, she looked at me funny and said they would take care of it, I knew she wouldn't that made me mad.

ANYWAY I have been thinking all day long about all the times when I was sick or hurt and my mom and dad took care of me. Poor them... They were really good parents they really must have loved us, you have to REALLY love someone to be willing to clean up THROW UP. Now I am going to be sick most likely, yea the CIRCLE OF LOVE! UGG I am so tired. Being a mom really makes you appreciate your mom. THANK YOU MOM.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's Going On.

So Max just keeps growing and learning new things, great new things! Like how to climb on the couch and drool all over it, how to feed the dog, how to pick flowers for Mommy, how to start and stop the washer and dryer, how to comb his hair and put on his shoes (attempts to) and how to tackle (believe me he has a HARD head!). So the flower that he gave me for mothers day bloomed it WAS so pretty until Max Picked it. Oh well more will grow. He waves at EVERYONE! He will try to get their attention and give them the biggest grin when they look. Everyone comments on how cute he is and smiles at him Max eats it up. He hates Church, officially. I see more walls of halls than I do ever get to sit in a class. Many times I wonder why I even bother to go when he can't be in nursery. Corey and I have had to resort to taking turns, taking him home, so the other can stay and listen September he will be in Nursery, I can't wait!

I have officially given up on the seed thing for now, and must say that if I ever had to live off of a garden grown by seed, I would die. Maybe I am just too impatient but I really like the starts from the nursery. I did finish planting all of my flowers on the back porch, I love them. I bought some herbs too and got a self watering container and am growing Lettuce, Tomato and Cucumber.

Corey is getting his office in order....... Still.... For all of you that have been to our other houses you would know that this is an ongoing thing with no end in sight. He is working hard and likes his job. His sister Ashley has been coming up to stay and he is really enjoying having her around. He also is excited about his new computer, the old desktop DIED. We sold our other homes everything worked out really well and I really think that was a big relief for Corey, but his wheels are always turning in that head of his and he loves the whole investing thing, we'll see.

Cooper is trying to go for walks more often and trying to find ways to escape from Max. He is bark bark barking and he loves to lay in the sun all day long. Oh to be a dog.

Monday, May 18, 2009

How To Play With Your Toys Without Making A Mess.

Corey took this picture while I was at work. I guess Max climbed in his toy box all by himself and just stayed there playing with his toys. Notice the drool on his chin..... Still at it! He now knows What a Monkey says: "ee ee eeee ee ahhh ahh" and what a car says: "broom broom" he is learning so fast.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Own Own Space

I decided to start another blog. Just for me. Kind of a projects favorite things books etc blog. Then I will keep this for family happenings. I just wanted a spot to put my stuff that I like to do or learn about. It is and the link is under my Friends & Family listings. Give me suggestions of fun things to do etc. Katie

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day!

Mothers Day was great especially now that Max is One year older and sleeping through the night! Corey let me sleep in, got me Breakfast at Mimi's The Pain Perdu! Love that... and now it comes with a muffin too. Max got me a little planted daisy so cute and we had IceCream for dinner! Perfect!

Today is Monday and so far it has been good too. Max is sleeping right now so I am taking advantage of the time. He finally can get up on the couch with out assistance, not sure I like that. now there is drool all over the microfiber yea! He also climbed out of his crib this morning, how? I don't know because we took the bumper out a month or two ago because he used it to climb out. Hmmmm... He is learning. That is about all, I am on a break from school till the 26th and I am wondering how this semester is going to go. We are taking an extra class so that we don't have to next summer and it is a shorter semester than the others. So glad I am doing this with friends.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I thought this was Hillarious!

This is how I feel right now!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I realized I haven't posted EASTER pics.

We got to meet the Easter Bunny.... Max wasn't so sure about that.

I Love this He is so excited but not about what is inside, Just the plastic egg.

If you are wondering where we are? We are in Heber at the City Easter Hunt.

This is Max and I with Corey's Cousin's kids Johnathon and Lacey

He loves riding on Daddy's shoulders!

Max's FAVORITE part. The BIG Boxer who licked his WHOLE face with one Swoop!

Oh. So tired He Crashed on the Way Home.

On Sunday we had a Hunt at Grandma Emerson's Destanie Hid eggs for Max

Max though just wanted to Play with the windmill...

So I was thinking the other day.. I know amazing. I wanted to post something... But what hmmm.... oh ya how about the Easter pics I never posted and it is MAY. Any way before that lets see what have we been up to? Well I am finishing my first semester off with my last final tomorrow. I am organizing my office. I am preparing for my sister in law to move in. Ashleeeeee! I am planting still of course.... HMmmm.... Oh ya and what do I get to do for my 3 week break?? I get to go to the dentist and have 4 cavities filled and 4 crowns done... Yes I love spending money.... Especially when it causes me PAIN!

I also have been called to be on the Enrichment committee. Yes God Loves Me! I am excited. I need to get to know the women in the ward. I was affraid I was going to get primary which isn't bad at all it is just I wouldn't get to know the woment in the ward and then I would become Anti-social again. I did though have to contain my excitement when they called me in to give me the calling. I assured them that this would be a difficult challenge for me in my life and that I would prayerfully Attack it. You know they only give you callings that are a challenge so you have to put that in there. It will also work great considering my schooling Max and my whole schedule thing.

Corey and I have also been asked to volunteer at the Oqurrih (I don't know how to spell) Temple open house. Corey is excited because he is going to get to do security and be the big bad I mean Lovingly Forceful Guard of the many Ruffians you know. Ok so that is what is going on. Here are the EASTER Photos.