Thursday, January 7, 2010

Piggy Bank

So Max has this Piggy bank that Corey bought him (of course because Corey is the Saver). Corey and I have been teaching Max how to put change in it. He didn't like the idea of putting dollar bills in there at first because he thought that you only put change in it but he likes it and now we have to hide the piggy bank until he has change or I think he would carry it everywhere. If his bank isn't with him whatever he finds goes in his pocket. It is so cute to see him collect change and put it in his pocket, that is weird I know but he is so careful about it, it is cute. Every so often Corey takes him to the bank to put his change in his savings. He has quite the start of a College fund that boy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Max & Corey's Favorite Thing to Do.

Any chance Corey gets to plow he takes, and Max likes to go right along with him. He gets all bundled up and comes back with a red nose. Really it is funny to see him walk in his snow suit and boots do you remember "The Christmas Story"? Max would be a slightly modified version of Ralphie. They plow and I make the snowman, Max isn't too interested in making the snowman yet.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Max actually had fun opening presents this year. It took along time because he would rip only small pieces off but he enjoyed it.

We spent Christmas Eve night with Corey's family mainly and read the story about the Christmas orange. Then everyone got oranges, Max however was more interested in throwing his.

Karen gave Maurice a special gift wrapped inside many boxes including one that was ducktaped. He got a new wedding band, it was gorgeous.

Max Loved being the youngest and the center of attention. Here he is sitting with Karen, Sarah and Wendy.

I did actually get a clear picture but I thought this one was funnier. We tried taking a photo of the grandkids together at my parents house and I turned out to have like 5 pictures of Claire and Meghan moving around and Max sitting completely frozen. It was hillarious.

Corey and one of his presents from his Sister.

Max got a steering wheel toy from Grandma and Grandpa Christensen and it really turned out to be a hit with all of them.

Me cheesing it, of course.

Grandpa Christensen getting in position to hand out all of the gifts with Meghan Claire and Max all ready to go.

Santa's Reindeer!

Well we didn't get to see Santa but we did get to see some of his Reindeer. Thanksgiving Point was taking care of them for Santa and so we went to visit them just before Christmas. It was Fun Max thought they were really neat.

Daddy just had to get a picture of me with Max even through Max really wanted Daddy to hold him.

Can you see Max and Corey peeking through the fence?