Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Corey & His Wolverine Chops.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anything to Avoid Studying! What Have I Been Up Too.

I Started Planting Seeds!
I decided to learn how to use seeds, it is not easy they are tempermental little things but we'll see how they turn out. I had Forget me nots in Lehi and loved them, I also had the shasta Daisies and loved them too. I love Zinnia's and the Chives looked really pretty. I am going to plant tomatoes and hopefully zuchini or a melon maybe some pansies and maybe do some hanging baskets off of the balcony. We'll see.

These are my seeds!

I just replanted my daisies into a bigger pot "please don't die!" My Lavender Looks iffy it keeps wilting and is quite fragile right now. I hope it lives because that is the one I want the most! I haven't been able to find it anywhere so I it to grow. If it dies though then I guess I will have to search for it at the garden store.

Projects I am working on Cont......

I know I know I don't have any girls but I do have nieces and friends who do so I thought I could make those flower clips too. Cute huh.

This project I actually started around Christmas. I took AP art in high school and we did a section on jewelry making and so I learned to solder. I kept seeing these in stores and thought they would be fun to make for Christmas gifts. I found though that I was quite out of practice and didn't end up finishing them. I still need to even out some of the silver and put jump rings on them but you guys will get them this year... I promise hope you like them.

I saw this tutorial online and thought I would try it. It is a "Shag Rag Rug" You get a towel or t-shirts and cut them in strips and thread them in and knot them. I started using a towel but may decide next time to use t-shirts or sheets because the towel sure sheds a lot. Maybe that will go away after a couple of washings. It is really soft and cushy though I want to put it in Max's bathroom with his Monkey Shower curtain that Corey bought him.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Corey took This One.

Corey took this picture at Mimi's when he went with Shay & Kiley I told Corey he had to post the other pictures but I wanted to start with this one because I thought it was so cute.

Sarah & Rob Holts' Wedding!

The Happy Couple!

The Bouquet-- Karen did all of the Flowers (Lucky Her!).

The Brides Maids SINGLE & Max

Ashley The Maid of Honor and Dane The Best Man!

My Boys

Tyson & Destanie

The Waterfall Rob Made.

Karen & Maurice ( a rare photo of them actually getting to sit for a moment).

My Boys Again.

Cool Ceiling Huh! They set this up 2 times. Once in Heber and Once in Riverton.

Max's Twin DJ Oh they were so Cute.

This was Sarah (Corey's Sisters) wedding. She married Robert Alden Holt on March 27th in the Salt Lake City temple. It was gorgeous both days, must have been meant to be! I got to go to the Ceremony. That was really neat. I didn't realize how big the SLC temple is it is huge and thank goodness for people to lead you everywhere or I would still be lost in there. After the temple we had to find my car in the underground parking (so fun!). Then we went to lunch lunch was great and Max must have thought so too because he used me as his human highchair. I was a mess. They should make blow up highchairs. Then we had a break which was good because Max really needed to sleep! I did too. The reception was that night in Heber and then we went to the 2nd reception the next night in Riverton. It was fun but very tiring. I can't even imagine how tired Karen and Maurice and Rob's Parents must have been. Her colors were interesting. I wasn't sure I was going to like the accent color with the main two but she pulled it off beautifully. Her colors were a deep cranberry red and black with the accent of yellow. It turned out great. Probably the prettiest cultural hall too. I thought they should just leave the toule up there with the lights it was gorgeous. Rob made a waterfall too. He is quite creative. there isn't anything he can't do he is very smart and really good with his hands. The waterfall was made of tw0 large pieces of plexi glass together and tubing that followed up to the top then the water fell inbetween the two pieces it was gorgeous. They are going to Disneyland for their honeymoon and also stayed in the Inn on the Creek in Midway. They have an apartment nearby us which is great. They live right near IKEA! Great location. We love them we were so glad that they let us celebrate their wedding with them. They are such a happy couple now I hope they will start a blog..... HINT HINT.