Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Max's First Haircut (for real!)

The Before Shot Sucker in hand ready to go or so we thought!
We even had Toy Story 2 going.

Corey said "Now I know why you wanted me to come! So I could hold him!"

Hiding as soon as he got out of the chair he didn't want to have anything to do with Weston

Now we are OK! He looks so different, so grown-up!

So we had planned to get Max's haircut by Jaime our friend just before family pictures BUT it has been driving me crazy so we decided to do it yesterday... It was a really long day.... Erika and Mel suggested "Cookie Cutters" So we decided to try it out. I figured that they would be use to moving and possibly screaming children so I thought it would work out great and it did. Though Max didn't think so. So they have this little toy set in the front of the store to play with while you wait and then they have all of these different vehicles and planes (with belts!) That the kids sit in. They even have video games and movies to choose from. OH and bubbles. Weston cut Max's hair I don't know that Max wants to go back but I kept staring at him when we left and for the rest of the day because it was just weird to see how grown-up he looked.

The Toy You Really Wish That You Hadn't Bought!

So I went to the toy store a month or two ago and thought it would be really cute to get this Lawn Mower toy. Kind of like those popping ball toys that we use to have where the balls popped as you pulled it around. This one was much COOLER though. It had noises in addition to the popping! It had a gas switch that "gulped" as you turned it and a starter cord that made engine noises I thought it was a great toy.... Until I got it home..... This Toy is the loudest toy you will ever hear. You can't study you can't watch tv you can't talk on the phone or even hold a normal conversation. It overpowers EVERYTHING and EVERYONE..... So after a couple of months of hoping Max would forget about it Corey found a New Home for it!
Can You See Where it is?????

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The ZOO!

For Comcast's Work Party We Rented the Zoo in the Evening. It was Max's first time and was so much fun. I never really liked the zoo until I had a kid, it was fun watching him get all excited about the animals.

Half the time Max was trying to JOIN the Animals!

The only way to keep track of him!

This is the water fountain! His butt was Wet! Go figure.

So Happy! One big happy family! Anytime we tried to get a family picture Max would throw a royal fit!

This is the Giraffe that could have very easily Eaten Max's Shoe that he kicked off into the pen. The Zoo keeper had to come get it back.

Max's 1st Carousel Ride. A Silver Back Gorrilla.

All by himself and not so sure about it.

The Peacocks roam free throughout the Zoo and Max wanted to catch one soooo badly! Anytime he saw one he would try and get it.

Right where they Belong!

Aunt Ashley and Dayne went with us which was great.

The only time Max has actually Enjoyed his ride home!
He was beat tired. It was great they actually have fixed a lot of the zoo up, there is a lot more shade and there are fans and misters. Plus we went at 5pm which made it a whole lot cooler.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What Max is up to....

Climbing on the 4-Wheeler for Rides ALL the time

Longboarding with Aunt Ashley!

Helping Mom with the Laundry!
So as many of you may know we have moved yet again. This time it is a really good thing, I don't fall asleep on the way home from work, we are close to everything again and I am really close to Erika and Mel which makes school a whole lot easier. We like our ward so far, I didn't realize how grown-up our other ward was until we got here. I use to be paranoid about Max making noise and now everyone is making noise! Max also started nursery this last Sunday. He did great and is in nursery number 7! Only in Utah! He still runs to the 4-wheeler climbs on and pretends he is riding it and makes car noises. He likes to UNload the dryer to help me with the laundry and then climb in. He also has a facination with anything with wheels including Ash's Longboard!
There Thats my post for today I just transfered pics to my new computer so I will try to post more frequently!!