Sunday, November 8, 2009


So this year I had to work on Halloween as always so our Halloweens were separate but good. Corey and I dressed up for the first time in a LONG time. Corey went to Heber to do Trunk or Treat with his family and I well you already know what I did. Anyway. Corey said Max didn't quite get it at first but he was having fun just being out and about. We used his monkey costume from last year thinking that maybe we could just put brown sweat pants underneath them to lengthen the legs. Well you can see how well that worked but he didn't care he had fun anyway.

I was a piece of Gum on the bottom of a shoe.... I had a friend in High School Lara who dressed like that one year and I always wanted to try that someday.

Corey was the Grim reaper. I tried to talk him into being a banana to go with Max but yeah I guess it wasn't manly enough or something.

Here are the Pics!

Gracie & Max

So forever ago! Ok maybe it was a month or two ago Roger and Gracie came to visit. Jonna had to stay in Idaho and work which was sad but we all went out to breakfast. It was so funny to see Grace and Max interact. Grace is almost just as tall as Max and she is 2 months younger. She was a little shy at first but warmed up. She is cute I can see a lot of Jonna in her. Well for those of you who know Jonna I kept promising that I would post pictures of her so finally here they are.