Friday, February 27, 2009

Riley The Arteeeest!

So the other day I was over at my friend Erika's doing school stuff. Riley Erika's little boy was coloring and colored me a picture. I told him I was going to put it on the refrigerator and I did as soon as I got home! Isn't he good! It is a picture of him at the park and his little wienner dog Max. He did such a great job I wanted to show everyone his work! Isn't it Amazing! Thanks Riley.

Logan's First Birthday!

Logan is the little boy of our friends Jen and Chris. Logan is one month older than Max and we got to go to his little birthday. We had pizza and salad and Cake and Icecream. Then we played with toys and watched Logan open his presents. It was fun. Max enjoyed himself.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

License Pictures Could Be Better

I lost my license last week. I was hoping I would have found it by now, but didn't. SOOO.... Today I went back to the DMV and got a new one, WITH picture. I of course had Max so the man taking my picture was nice enough to take it 3 times, as Max was climbing all over me. ALL 3 BAD of course. I came home and asked Corey if I was really that fat and ugly and if my New Bangs really looked that bad. Corey said I looked beautiful, so I took a picture of myself just to see. I don't look bad, right? Do I look old? Are the Bangs ok? I wish you could bring in your own picture.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The "Bad Mom" Week.

This week has not gone as well as I had hoped, for both Max and I. We started with his first LARGE splinter, that had to be removed with a pin and tweezers. It killed me, you feel so bad. He got over it a lot faster than I did. Then Poison Control, ohhh... Max got a hold of one of the oil fragrance pluggins and ripped it apart and had oil all over his face along with the base in his mouth when he walked up to me. I worried of course so I had to call poison control, but I was paranoid that the ambulance would have to come, why?? Because the only other time I have had to call for possible poison ingestion was when Eric was young and I was babysitting and we thought he drank hairspray. Max was ok, he didn't go into distress. THEN.... I left the back door open for a second.... to check on Corey in the garage and Max (who I guess is quicker than I thought) was all of the sudden at the door, hoovering at the edge of the CONCRETE stairs 5 or 6 of them. I launched, but grabbed his arm just as he fell. He hit his head, twisted his arm and got his first shinner. He cried. I cried. then end to a bab mom week. That means that this next week cant be as DANGEROUS right? Ohhhh... I hate the guilt that comes with being a Mom. Anyway that was my Week. Here is the random picture. For the post.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Max Today!

Max and I went to Gardner Village today. It was kind of cold but I took a couple of cute pictures of him. We'll have to go back when it is warmer.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Bowl Party

This was so much fun. Thanks to all the friends and family that was able to attend. This was a great idea. Thanks to who's ever idea it was. It was so very nice to see our family get together. It's been rare these last few weeks, months. Thanks for everyone bringing so much food. It was yummy and lasted Katie and I for a week in left overs. We loved playing guitar hero. My wife is crazy. LOL. If anyone is ready for another Dinner & Game night just let us know. We really do enjoy have our friends and family over. Please let us know. Were just learning how to be good hosts. So I hope things went ok. Thanks again. It was a amazing close game to watch. Sorry Eric, You know I'm not a big fan of either teams. I was just teasing everyone. You know I love ya like a little brother. Your a great Husband and have a wonderful wife. Amber Rocks. Same goes for the rest of the family. I am so happy that I am part of Katie family. Zach you Rock bro. Glad your in with us. Amy your new friend was really cool. Please feel free to bring him again. I hope he felt welcome. He was very polite and seemed very nice. Thanks to everyone that made this happen. Expecially (AMBER). who ever planned it. Love you all.

Christmas 2009

Our New Home in Herriman

To some of the people that has not been able to come see our new home. Here are a few picture of it. Yes you can say unfortunately we have a yard to put in. Anyone that would love to help this spring, summer or fall would be more then welcome. It's such a nice neighborhood. The neighbors are so very nice. Of course we miss our home in Lehi and our friends. We welcome all of our friends and family to come see anytime. It's really not to far away. I also wanted to say thanks so much for the people that helped us move the weekend before Christmas. I needed help so much. I thank you so very much for all that you do. And you know who you are. Give Katie or I a call anytime if you wanna come and visit us. We would love to have some visitors.