Friday, June 3, 2011

Emma Louise Christensen

These would be the Christensen Grandkids! Now there are 4!

Claire (holding Emma), Max and Meghan! This was a very brief moment..... Can't keep them still for longer than 5 seconds!

This is the First time that Max has gotten to hold a Baby and Emma survived. Max did a good job at holding her head up. He was so excited that he was big enough to hold her though Claire did want her back. Max said that he would take her home and change her diaper and feed her her bottle and play with her.

Heidi the proud Mom! She did wonderful, and looks wonderful as always.

Claire and Emma she is sooooooo excited!

I got to hold Emma too but only for a little bit because Max wanted to hold her again!


Yeah! Corey Graduated with his Associates in Science in Criminal Justice!

AND Lucky Guy he got to Speak at Graduation! Max was wondering Why Daddy had a Kite on his Head! We are so proud! He gave a great talk and incorporated Max's favorite author Dr. Suess. AND he talked for 4 minutes! When was the last time Corey stopped talking at 4 minutes!?!
My family came to his graduation.

Corey's Family came to his Graduation!

This is Corey with Bonnie one of his Favorite teachers!

Max's 3rd Birthday!

Yeah! Max is Three! The Frosting is a bit sketchy... It started to Run but Boy the cake was good. Max's Whole Family came to Celebrate and we had Pizza, Cake and IceCream! Then the kids played with all of the Balloons and max had fun with his new Tricycle and also got a Doodle board a little Thomas Train and 2 Big trucks. Boy is he getting big!

Max on his Tricycle on his Birthday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What on Earth have I done!

This is how I feel! I am CrAzY! I must be... Why would I leave a place I have worked for 10 years, a Family that I Love to go somewhere that I know is going to stress me out and is guaranteed to make me CRY! It is official I should be commited! I start work at Primary Children's on MONDAY the 23rd and orient there for 3 weeks and then I will orient at IMC on the 13th of February. I then will have to at some point take boards which will "officially" license me. I really need to take those by March...Aprilish... ARGH! The begining of this year is going to be a BRUISER!