Wednesday, July 8, 2009


These are Max's Q's! Can you tell what he is trying to say? He reminds me of Linus from Snoopy. He will pull his blanket from between the bars of his crib, grab a binkie and come to me. Then he will plop himself on the ground with his blanket. When I get him a bottle he will walk with me and his blankie to his room and go for the rocking chair. Love It he is So Cute.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So Much Fun!?! Really?

This is the Ambulance Yea. Never before have I had sooo many MEN at my beck and call!

Nick & Hagen and I would the one in the truck Before the Ambulance got to me.

Look I am watching. He does the same stitch we do with umbilical lines. Dr. Young was awesome!

Does this wheeler look damaged? Nope the handlebars had to be readjusted but that was it. Apparently I am no match for a 700+ lb 4-wheeler.

This is the new tent trailer... MUCH MORE TAME!

So I am back! I am now momentarily caught up with my homework so I figured I would post my pics (non-gruesome) of course! So this all happened a week and a half ago but we went out wheeling with Corey's friends Nick and Hagen (his little boy), we met at 5 mile pass just past Lehi on Saturday morning. This was the first time Corey and I had really been out in a long time so we were looking forward to it. Corey has a 400 EX and I have a 750 Brute Force. Nick and Hagen brought their dirt bikes. While we were there we saw some of our other friends Eric and Amber and their two girls. I don't think we were there for more than an hour when I went down a hill following the guys and the wheeler slid to the side and hit into a rock and I went a flyin! My leg must have caught the handlebar and then the the wheeler rolled over on me. SLOW MOTION... Why do things like that always happen in slow motion? Corey pulled the wheeler off me and Nick got his truck and they carried me out of the reviene. I think I kicked into nurse mode or something I didn't really cry except when I thought about school and Max and Corey and all of the Crap I have to do in the next month! They took me to the ER in AF. I got to go get xrays and go to ultrasound to make sure I didn't need to go to surgery, then they put me out to clean my wound (THANK YOU!). I kept thinking my friend Janalyn would have really loved to be the therapist on to watch this. I guess my Therapist passed out! When I woke up the doctor was stitching me up and I wanted to watch so they sat me up and I watched. He was a great doctor I learned a lot about him and his kids and all that kind of stuff. ANYWAY. Now I am repairing. I had a drain and now I just have stitches, bruises, scabs and swelling. I am no longer attached to my crutches (thankgoodness!) I never had chaffed armpits until this last week. My incision is numb I think I did some nerve damage go figure. BUT I wasn't a WUSS! That is the important thing... right? :). So here are some pics. Oh so we sold the 400EX and the 750 is up for sale and we bought a Tent trailer! You can't get hurt in a tent trailer right? Ok here are my pics. If you want gruesome I will send you some later....