Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Potty

Ahh.... The Potty!

So Corey came home a couple of weeks ago with a little potty for Max figuring that at some point maybe he would be interested, so we got it out (just incase) Max was beyond thrilled to get the box open and to get it put together so he could sit on it. He insisted on putting it in the front room in the middle of it all! (Yeah, No!). So it went in his bathroom and everytime he went into brush his teeth he wanted to sit on it.

So like a week passed and Max started saying things like "utohh...peepee?" and he would try to pull his pants down and wanted to go sit on his seat. Curious hmm... I didn't teach him that... So I let him.... Come to find out, he is one of the youngest in his class in daycare and so the older ones they take to the potty or ask if they want to go potty throughout the day. Max has been watching. (I LOVE DAYCARE!) So now he seems to be "intune" with his bowels! He isn't actually going in the potty but I thought it was hillarious that here he sits toothbrush in one hand, car in the other pants down and DIAPER still on, on the toilet! (Yes those are Christmas PJ's hey, they still fit might as well use them!) He can't quite pull his pants up over his BUM yet though but then sometimes I have that problem too!

Oh my little boy is growing up!