Thursday, June 25, 2009

One of My Favorite Things to Do and UPDATES!

So I haven't posted in a while. School has had me going crazy! I had a little break this last week and Corey and I decided to go out 4- Wheeling. I hadn't been since before I was pregnant, long time I know. Well I managed to get hurt of course and have been laid up for a while soooo. I have time. I was looking for pictures to post of the accident and saw this one. I haven't really been able to put Max down to bed for a while and miss it so much. You just don't appreciate things until you can't do them anymore. I love rocking Max and putting him to sleep. He drinks his bottle. He pokes at my nose again and again.... I laugh and say NOSE NOSE NOSE NOSE .... He laughs. We say our prayers and I just rock him. I love it. I am on the mend I am happy to say. I will share "non-gruesome" pictures later of the event. I just wanted to post this today.

School is good. I missed one test that I can make up at the end of the semester. My "salad" is growing. I have cucumbers lettuce and tomatoes! They have survived my Brown Thumb!

Max is great he likes to swim, drink from a big waterbottle. He loves to carry around the bottle of Vicks Vapo and open bottles of lotion and Desitin with his teeth! He got away last night. I guess the front door wasn't all the way closed and he decided to bail and walked over to the neighbors and out into the street and then came back into the garage and tried to sit in his stroller. Corey was talking to Wendy (our niece) and showing her around and I was in my room. The neighbor knocked on the door and said Max was outside and sure enough there he was. Scary huh.... The neighbor said, "It just didn't look quite right for him to be running around!" We agreed. HOTDOGS... Yes hotdogs are a staple in Max's diet currently and tater tots. So healthy huh you feed them what they will eat I guess. He does love his veggies though especially peas and beans.

Corey is hard at work. He took off some time to take care of me. I hate being taken care of! I don't know if it is a nurse thing, a mother thing or a girl thing. ANYWAY. He has completed his Truck! It is just the way he wants it. It looks Great! He is getting ready to sell some stuff. "Wheel and Deal" He gets that from his dad. He got two new guns a leaf blower and a snowmobile trailer. He sold the inclosed trailer, he is selling the old refrigerator, some tires and rims, the snowmobile trailer and leaf blower and of course the 4-wheelers. I know he isn't thrilled about selling those but if you compare the amount of time that we have had to use them with the amount of time we have spent being injured from them.... It is a no brainer. Maybe someday we will get a nice sidebyside with roll cage and 5 point harnesses? I hope. We are however the proud owners of a tent trailer (thank goodness for large garages). Corey had a bad fathers day and the surprize gift was ruined by my jabbering in my dellirium in the hospital.

Cooper is enjoying the added attention that family has brought in caring for me and Max while Corey is at work. Cooper barks barks and then barks some more. The battery for the Zap collar is dead so he has gotten away with a lot of barking lately. Today Corey is picking up a new battery. Poor Cooper.

Ok so there is my story. I will post more about my mishap when I get pictures and stuff on here. Hope everything is well with everyone and THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything! We love you all.