Saturday, March 28, 2009


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Monday, March 16, 2009


Classic First Birthday Picture!

Making a Mess!

He strutted around the room and didn't really care that he had paper in his Pants
He looked like a bird!

Max had his own Little Cake

Tyson Amber & Max So curious!

I Think this is Grandpa's Favorite Place in our House!
The Secret Fort.

Best $2.58 Spent!

Max tries to hide by turning his head but Grandpa is on both Sides
There is not hiding!

Daddy Max & Grandma Emerson

Max LOVES Sarah! AND Grandma's phone in his mouth!

Max had his 1st little Birthday party on the 8th. It was a lot of fun and we were so excited and happy that everyone who came would travel sooo far to our house to celebrate. THANK YOU! We had family over and had Cake and IceCream and Cup Cakes! Max opened presents and loved his new duds and toys! Ivan & Katie came and brought Tyson their new baby. Katie looks sooo GOOD for having just had a baby and Tyson is so adorable. Max wasn't quite sure about him but was certainly curious. Great Grandma and grandpa Black came and Sandy and Kelsey, Grandpa and Grandma Emerson and Christensen. Eric and Amber Sarah and Rob Amy Theressa and Michael. Thank You all for coming. Here are some pics!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Phone

Hey I am doing pretty good at keeping up I think with posting, or.... putting off my school work! So Max loves the phone as do all children. I didn't realize how much he watches us until I saw him walking around with the phone babbling into it.
He has now called:
Grandpa at Work and left a voicemail.
My Friend Natalie 3 times!
And Corey of course!
Thank goodness he hasn't called 911.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Is How I Feel......

So one of my classes is Nursing Research 545. I am not an Eloquent writer, I wish I was. My teacher posted this as the heading to one of the Units in the class. I thought it was very appropriate and said to myself, "thank goodness for computers or I would be killing trees left and right." Should I put that in APA format? Really, who comes up with all of these formalities to writing? I AM A NURSE for goodness sake! We have our own language, (our own shorthand I should say), nothing on a nurses chart is written in complete sentences and now I have to snap out of it and write for real. This too shall pass right? So I guess now you all have the answer to why my posts don't always flowwwww. I am a nurse, they aren't supposed too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Max Then and Now....

Max is ONE!

Today Max turned ONE yea! Weird all day I have been thinking, "A year ago I was doing this time..." We are celebrating Sunday but I figured I would post some pics and a Video.

Max In His Birthday Suit!

Doesn't Every Kid Need A Bum Shot?!