Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Max On A Better Day.

So today Max hurled! Officially he has the FLU. He has never had the flu before (lucky me) BUT today was the day and I worked last night yea! I never realized how gross it really is and how helpless I would feel. The only plus side is that he is more cuddly. I didn't know what to do though, I mean I am a nurse but our kiddos don't do this. So I called my mom and the Peds office thank goodness for experienced people then loaded him up and went to Walgreen's I got Pedialyte and such and went to check out and Max acted perfectly normal, he was trying so hard to have energy. I told the lady he was sick and asked if they had a disinfectant wipe for the cart, she looked at me funny and said they would take care of it, I knew she wouldn't that made me mad.

ANYWAY I have been thinking all day long about all the times when I was sick or hurt and my mom and dad took care of me. Poor them... They were really good parents they really must have loved us, you have to REALLY love someone to be willing to clean up THROW UP. Now I am going to be sick most likely, yea the CIRCLE OF LOVE! UGG I am so tired. Being a mom really makes you appreciate your mom. THANK YOU MOM.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's Going On.

So Max just keeps growing and learning new things, great new things! Like how to climb on the couch and drool all over it, how to feed the dog, how to pick flowers for Mommy, how to start and stop the washer and dryer, how to comb his hair and put on his shoes (attempts to) and how to tackle (believe me he has a HARD head!). So the flower that he gave me for mothers day bloomed it WAS so pretty until Max Picked it. Oh well more will grow. He waves at EVERYONE! He will try to get their attention and give them the biggest grin when they look. Everyone comments on how cute he is and smiles at him Max eats it up. He hates Church, officially. I see more walls of halls than I do ever get to sit in a class. Many times I wonder why I even bother to go when he can't be in nursery. Corey and I have had to resort to taking turns, taking him home, so the other can stay and listen September he will be in Nursery, I can't wait!

I have officially given up on the seed thing for now, and must say that if I ever had to live off of a garden grown by seed, I would die. Maybe I am just too impatient but I really like the starts from the nursery. I did finish planting all of my flowers on the back porch, I love them. I bought some herbs too and got a self watering container and am growing Lettuce, Tomato and Cucumber.

Corey is getting his office in order....... Still.... For all of you that have been to our other houses you would know that this is an ongoing thing with no end in sight. He is working hard and likes his job. His sister Ashley has been coming up to stay and he is really enjoying having her around. He also is excited about his new computer, the old desktop DIED. We sold our other homes everything worked out really well and I really think that was a big relief for Corey, but his wheels are always turning in that head of his and he loves the whole investing thing, we'll see.

Cooper is trying to go for walks more often and trying to find ways to escape from Max. He is bark bark barking and he loves to lay in the sun all day long. Oh to be a dog.

Monday, May 18, 2009

How To Play With Your Toys Without Making A Mess.

Corey took this picture while I was at work. I guess Max climbed in his toy box all by himself and just stayed there playing with his toys. Notice the drool on his chin..... Still at it! He now knows What a Monkey says: "ee ee eeee ee ahhh ahh" and what a car says: "broom broom" he is learning so fast.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Own Own Space

I decided to start another blog. Just for me. Kind of a projects favorite things books etc blog. Then I will keep this for family happenings. I just wanted a spot to put my stuff that I like to do or learn about. It is and the link is under my Friends & Family listings. Give me suggestions of fun things to do etc. Katie

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day!

Mothers Day was great especially now that Max is One year older and sleeping through the night! Corey let me sleep in, got me Breakfast at Mimi's The Pain Perdu! Love that... and now it comes with a muffin too. Max got me a little planted daisy so cute and we had IceCream for dinner! Perfect!

Today is Monday and so far it has been good too. Max is sleeping right now so I am taking advantage of the time. He finally can get up on the couch with out assistance, not sure I like that. now there is drool all over the microfiber yea! He also climbed out of his crib this morning, how? I don't know because we took the bumper out a month or two ago because he used it to climb out. Hmmmm... He is learning. That is about all, I am on a break from school till the 26th and I am wondering how this semester is going to go. We are taking an extra class so that we don't have to next summer and it is a shorter semester than the others. So glad I am doing this with friends.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I thought this was Hillarious!

This is how I feel right now!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I realized I haven't posted EASTER pics.

We got to meet the Easter Bunny.... Max wasn't so sure about that.

I Love this He is so excited but not about what is inside, Just the plastic egg.

If you are wondering where we are? We are in Heber at the City Easter Hunt.

This is Max and I with Corey's Cousin's kids Johnathon and Lacey

He loves riding on Daddy's shoulders!

Max's FAVORITE part. The BIG Boxer who licked his WHOLE face with one Swoop!

Oh. So tired He Crashed on the Way Home.

On Sunday we had a Hunt at Grandma Emerson's Destanie Hid eggs for Max

Max though just wanted to Play with the windmill...

So I was thinking the other day.. I know amazing. I wanted to post something... But what hmmm.... oh ya how about the Easter pics I never posted and it is MAY. Any way before that lets see what have we been up to? Well I am finishing my first semester off with my last final tomorrow. I am organizing my office. I am preparing for my sister in law to move in. Ashleeeeee! I am planting still of course.... HMmmm.... Oh ya and what do I get to do for my 3 week break?? I get to go to the dentist and have 4 cavities filled and 4 crowns done... Yes I love spending money.... Especially when it causes me PAIN!

I also have been called to be on the Enrichment committee. Yes God Loves Me! I am excited. I need to get to know the women in the ward. I was affraid I was going to get primary which isn't bad at all it is just I wouldn't get to know the woment in the ward and then I would become Anti-social again. I did though have to contain my excitement when they called me in to give me the calling. I assured them that this would be a difficult challenge for me in my life and that I would prayerfully Attack it. You know they only give you callings that are a challenge so you have to put that in there. It will also work great considering my schooling Max and my whole schedule thing.

Corey and I have also been asked to volunteer at the Oqurrih (I don't know how to spell) Temple open house. Corey is excited because he is going to get to do security and be the big bad I mean Lovingly Forceful Guard of the many Ruffians you know. Ok so that is what is going on. Here are the EASTER Photos.