Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Max Walking!

Ok so he can walk a couple of steps at a time and then he falls. I don't know why I thought that once he took those first couple of steps that he would automatically be walking but he is working on it. He also said NO! the other day, don't know where he heard that one.

Are You Listening to Me!

Max does this really funny thing now where he grabs your face and yells. Here's Max and Corey

Saturday, January 24, 2009

All Posts Must Have Pictures Even If They Don't Relate.

Corey this Summer, Trying to Convince Me That he Looked great with a Mowhawk!

I Love blogs with Pictures so today I figured it was about time to give everyone an update on life in the Emerson home and so here is my update sorry the picture just doesn't relate.

Katie is officially in School. It hasn't set in yet obviously or she would be studying right now instead of blogging. She just signed up for her favorite gym Lifetime Fitness it is her 2 hours of sanity in the morning. She is currently decorating the house with as much color as possible. (New Years resolution.... Let there be color in the Emersons' house in 2009). Taupe is not a color that she is allowed to buy anymore.

Corey is working and getting our life organized. He works really hard. Tonight he is sick on top of everything, (it is really gross to throw up but it is even grosser to hear someone else throw up!). He loves his garage, so much infact that he has it now painted! He is busy rearranging things hanging, organizing.... Really he is setting up a big "fort." We have been working on getting him to take a break a real break, can you imagine Corey sitting still?

Max is Crawalking. He stands and walks a couple of steps and then falls or sits down. He must be having a "non-growth" spurt because he only seems to like Graham Crackers and Milk right now. Max has also just been invited to his first friend birthday party! Yea! for his friend Logan. Max also loves REALLY Loves the jogger stroller Corey put together. He thinks he is a big boy in it.

Cooper has found a new pasttime, barking at the wind! the ice falling in the freezer, the deer outside, Max, everything he barks at everything. He also has gotten quite good at getting around Max before Max can get to him. Oh Cooper dog we need to take you for more walks!

ANYWAY that is what is happening here. Love you all!

Max In Drag!

Ok so I have to put this in here for all those who don't see my brother's blog. My brother Scott was so much fun to torture as a child and one of the things that we tease him about now is how cute he looked in a dress with his hair done when he was little. So while he was here for Christmas he (and others) decided to have fun with Max one day while my parents were sitting him. It wasn't until the photos appeared on their blog that I knew what had happened! Poor Max! But Hillariously funny too! You can tell he is thrilled. I just had to put these up for everyone else to see.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

9-12 mo Infants will Mimick you.

So we went to the Doctors office a month ago for our routine checkup and everytime we go we get this little form that tells us what Max should be doing in the next months. Well 9-12 months said that infants begin to mimick things that you do and say. We found out that not only does Max copy us but he will copy Cooper. Yesterday he found his way over to Coopers water bowl.... AGAIN and bent his head down to lap the water out of it. I died laughing while of course pulling him away.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Max LOVES Music.

For Christmas we gave Max a drum full of little instruments because he loves to bounce to the music. Corey got new head phones for his music. Max really liked them and looked tooo cute.
Max's Favorite Things: Playing with anything that ISN"T a toy.
Closing the Microwave door when we heat something.
His Monkeys from Auntie Lyn.
His Baths & Splashing Mom & Dad.
Blowing Bubbles in his Bath along with the Occasional Drink of Bath Water.
Playing PeekaBoo.
Playing Keep away or Tag with Corey & Cooper.
Cooper's Water Dish & Food Dish.
Graham Crackers MMMM.....
Giving Everyone Kisses.
Pushing Everything around the House.
Putting Everything in his Mouth!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Corey's Project My Handyman!

So we moved as many of you know, AGAIN and in this house the bottom of the stairs into the basement has no door so we were having a really hard time keeping the upstairs warm well the other day Corey decided he would go by Home Depot and get something to fix the draft so for $25 he built our very own BAT CAVE DOOR! Take a look. It is 8ft x 4 ft and is hinged on and the back of it is reinforced with 2x4's it is really cool. He whipped it out in about an hour. Love him. Oh and Max got another balloon, he loves balloons they entertain him forever. I am thinking I need to invest in a Helium tank!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MaX & His New Toy!

Max got this Walker from Great Grandma for Christmas. Look at him go! Oh and do you love the leggings they are great as longjohns under his jeans and keep his legs warm and knees not so dry! I Max sure is getting around he is fast very fast!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Holidays

Merry Moving and a Happy Sickmas!

Lets just say that this Christmas was STRESSFUL! I like to finish things I like perfection, I have tried to work on that but it being Max's First Christmas, I was feeling the need to have everything in order and perfect..... Well it didn't happen and I ended up repeating to my self again and again, "It's ok, you can't do everything, It's not all going to get done......Breathe!...." It is really hard just to walk away and get yourself to believe that. I have been working on these charms this year for my friends and family (didn't get them done), I was making My Nieces cute aprons, (didn't get that done). I wanted to decorate the Christmas tree (partially got that done Garland mostly). I really wanted to have the house put together (disaster) and I wanted to have my family over for a post Christmas party and sledding followed by a weekend at the Cabin (That didn't happen either)! What did happen? We moved to Herriman, we got sick and sicker, and then really sick. We went to Nola's Funeral. We did get to have Christmas at my parents home, Corey's parents home and our own (That was really nice, Usually I work). We did find our new ward and I survived driving over the point. (My greatest fear!) Needless to say it turned out really good. Now we are feeling better (sort of we all are on Antibiotics). Corey goes back to work on Monday, and I start school on the 12th. OH and I placed my first PERC line Yea! Finally I was begining to really worry but I had Great Cheerleaders Erin, Keith, Ryan and Chocolate! (that is Julie's trick). Oh and the Slide show is supposed to go with this post Love You All