Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's Up!

So I know that there are no pictures to accompany this little UPDATE. Sorry it goes against the grain really.

School for me ended on the 4th of December! Yea! till Jan. 11th. I talked to my preceptor for my clinicals this next semester. I am nervous but she seems nice her name is Julie and she has credentials about a mile long! She is from Australia, and I believe will be my primary preceptor the whole year. I start clinicals also on the 11th with an orientation at PCMC.

Corey is just finishing midterms. His school is set up with 10 week terms. He is a little stressed. The 4 wheel drive when out on the 4 wheeler. He got a flat tire and his laptop stopped working. EXCELLENT! Still we are very blessed it seems like I am always seeing people who are so much worse off than we are, I don't know if it is just the social situations that I see at work or what but I really feel blessed right now.

OH.... Daycare we got daycare Yeah! Little Social Max will get to socialize yeah! We start in Jan and when he turns 2 he will be started in their preschool program. Wow... I thought preschool was for 4 year olds. He craves learning though one night I heard him talking in his room after I had put him to bed I finally went in and found him with one of his books "reading" using the light of his music aquarium. I think that is a good sign.

Christmas is coming Corey and I went shopping today. I know it's practically suicide the last weekend before Christmas. We enjoyed ourselves for a whie and then decided that we should just get Christmas for eachother after Christmas when no one is shopping and everything is on sale. So we will just enjoy Max's Christmas along with a couple of gifts.... Then we will probably forget about shopping and save money in the end.

Ok I know that this isn't really interesting but I felt that I really needed to write something and that is it!