Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Demolition Derby!

The first year I went to the derby was the year that I met Corey. The derby is held every year at about this time in Heber. It is so much fun!!! Especially if you are a people watcher because there is a really interesting mix from Park City to Wallsburg. There are a ton of people who dress up for the event. with mullet wigs, overalls fur vests etc.... Very fun.

Corey's parents were part of the judging group and got to sit in the box seats, they also got us great tickets close enough we all ate dirt. Before each heat we would pick our car my favorite... the silver car! Then during the derby Corey and I took Max to the pits and visited Corey's friends, that was really fun to see all that goes into one of these cars.

Corey especially had a great time he was sitting around a lot of the people he grew up with and got to talk (one of Corey's most favoritest things!). One of Corey's friends gave Max a bit of tissue to put in his ears, we had forgotten how loud the derby was. Max was mesmerized!!!! He was good the whole time and took turns sitting on everyones laps. I think we will go again. Hey if anyone else wants to go next year let us know early we'll get you tickets!