Tuesday, August 17, 2010

515 in the AM and I am up!

I just thought this picture was funny.

Max woke up at 430 this morning crying, he has been doing that lately, I don't know why I changed him rocked him and put him back to bed. Now I am up, thoughts are racing through my head of school, work, plans for how I am going to exercise and get Max everywhere.... and then I jump to what are we going to do with both Corey and I in new jobs (without seniority thus no flexibility). How are we going to juggle things where are we going to live? Argh!!! Anxiety, not a full on panic attack, but just enough that I can't go back to sleep.

Corey became an Elder 2 weeks ago, I should mention that, and this week he got his patriartical blessing. He has been such a hard worker, much stronger than I. I am so proud of him, and proud that he takes things very seriously when it comes to church, because I believe you should.

Max is getting so big and so tall, and I both love and hate the 2's. I am excited to see him continue to grow and talk and at the same time not so excited for him to have moments of "hating" me. I decided to do swim lessons with him this year which can I say are a nightmare!!! 1/2 hour every day for 2 weeks needless to say I have not followed through everyday in going. Your day revolves around swim lessons and he likes only some parts of it. Next year, next year will be better right? I feel like I am always applying that statement to everything. When will things REALLY calm down!


Lisa and Kate said...

It will get better! Once the school stuff is over and life becomes simpler. Make time for the important things and remember that the dust bunnies will still be there in the morning. It will all be ok and Max has plenty of time to learn to swim. You are amazing and all will work out!