Saturday, January 22, 2011

What on Earth have I done!

This is how I feel! I am CrAzY! I must be... Why would I leave a place I have worked for 10 years, a Family that I Love to go somewhere that I know is going to stress me out and is guaranteed to make me CRY! It is official I should be commited! I start work at Primary Children's on MONDAY the 23rd and orient there for 3 weeks and then I will orient at IMC on the 13th of February. I then will have to at some point take boards which will "officially" license me. I really need to take those by March...Aprilish... ARGH! The begining of this year is going to be a BRUISER!


Anne Gessel said...

Good Luck Katie!!!! You will be and are so missed! I wish you all the best!

John & Nancy's Family said...

Do you know Lynette Cardall? I read her husband, Paul's book -- Before My Heart Stops -- She works in the nicu at IMC.

Naturally Carol said...

I hope you have done all that and got yourself a good position teaching! All the best.

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